Why Aspen Log Home builders

Log & Timber Frame construction experience, quality & cost

From hundreds of log home Companies, why choose Aspen Log Homes?

Aspen Log Homes is a fully integrated company, one of a very few in the United States in the log & timber home business

Aspen log homes has built from start to finish more log homes than most log home companies. We have learned from our customers what kind of logs they wish to have and why. That is why our primary log is now Lodge Pole Pine because of the way it checks. Very fine checks rather than the very large checks you will see in Spruce and Fir. That is why we use only dead standing timber to eliminate the settling jacks and the large shrinkage movement. Our homes will settle only 1 inch per 10 feet of wall. The settling is engineered into every home we sell.

Aspen Log Homes are full service experienced log home builders. We control every aspect of the log home construction process from selecting your logs to your finished log home. We have all the special tools and experience to ensure that your log home is completed on time and on cost. Only one fully licensed, insured and bonded log home builder to deal with, not separate contractors for each part of the job. In most cases we build your log home from the foundation right up to the finished home.

As your turnkey log home builders we are your sole point of contact from start to finish. We pull the permits, do your site work, build the foundations, stack your log home, do the interior and finish work (and much more) and then hand the completed home over to you in less time than you might think.

Because of our turnkey approach we can control the quality and cost issues better. As only one example, all of our log homes, both milled and handcrafted are engineered and designed by our in house engineers to address any possible settlement issues. We never use settling jacks as all of our logs are harvested “Dead Standing with moisture content between 12 and 19 %, and the settling is designed in.

Aspen Showroom

There are two important reasons to choose Aspen:

  • First: Aspen Log Homes is a full service log home. We have resources that no other log home company has. We are dealers for Viking, Wolf – Sub-Zero appliances, we have our own custom cabinet maker, we are dealers for Andersen Windows, Rocky Mountain hardware, Hammerton Lighting, and we design our own doors, and they are custom made by a company in New Mexico. Because we turn-key so many homes all over the country, we have found specialty items for log & timber homes that we can show and offer you. We have a showroom in our headquarters in S. Ogden, Utah.
  • Second: Labor Costs: Because our craftsman have built so many log homes the are very knowledgeable, and this equates to speed and quality. When we send a crew to build your home, they are very competent in building log homes, they are much faster than local workers, and their quality has no comparison. Because time is money, our craftsman can usually build for less.

Questions you should ask your log home builder

  1. Does your log home builder personally manufacture, erect and finish your log home, in order to control quality, time and cost?
  2. Does your log home builder have a warrantee crew, and offer a 10 year warrantee on your home?
  3.  Does your builder have qualified log smiths and other craftsman to build your log home in order to guarantee the quality you should expect? (Ask your contractor how many log homes he has built.)
  4. Is your log home builder or log home company fully licensed & insured? If not, you could be liable!
  5. Ask any prospective log home company how much your log home is going to cost. If they answer 2 to 3 times the cost of the log package, or they don’t know, maybe you should try another company. We are pleased to provide a complete cost breakdown suitable for your lender.

When you purchase a log home from Aspen Log Homes, you also receive a 1 year warrantee on all materials and workmanship. Because of the quality of our product and our crews you can rest assured that your log home is built right, with the knowledge that if there is warrantee work to be done, we are just a phone call away.

Ask your potential Log home builder if they offer the same warrantee.