Aspen Log Homes – an Experienced Log Home Builder

Our Log Home Experience saves you time and money

Aspen Log Homes is an experienced log home builder with all the resources needed to convert your log home plans into a finished home in a short time. Unlike many log home suppliers we oversee the construction of the entire home, ensuring that all aspect of your home meet our quality guidelines.

Aspen Log Homes is headed by an experienced management team backed up with dedicated and experienced construction crews and log smiths. Aspen Log home have built more the 90 log homes in more than 13 states.

Our log yards are in the U.S. & Canada where we stack your log homes prior to shipment to the site, insuring that everything fits properly and that there are no shortages or excesses. We also offer all the many items needed to make your log home complete, but which are often missing from companies which only offer log packages.

Our experience allows us to help you select all the right components to finish your log home in the best possible manner. Because we build in so many locations, we have a vast amount of resource’s that not many contractors can match.