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When looking for log home builders, one should be aware of the number and the quality of the log cabins, and the log homes the company has constructed. And if you are looking for a timber frame home we are also your quality builder.  We have built many high quality log homes in Colorado (about 60% of our builds are in Colorado) and I think you will find our log home prices very competitive and our quality second to none.  We are licensed, and have licensed builders in many states, including California, Utah, New Mexico. If you need any restoration, freshening, additions, give us a call.

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Our homes have consistently been on the high side of Colorado log home sales rankings, and with the number of log home plans we have in our plans pages we make purchasing and designing your home a snap. When you have a company that has built as many log homes and cabins as we have you can be assured that you have picked a company that is a one stop shop, for pricing, and quality.

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