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Drywall & Paint Estimates


Drywall is usually used to cover interior wall and ceiling surfaces that are not otherwise covered with a decorative wood. Log homes generally have less drywall because the exterior walls are log and ceilings are often finished with wood. Drywall is also used as a fire separation material as dictated by codes and regulations. Drywall is usually subcontracted to professional hangers and finishers. The work consists of applying the boards, attaching metal corner molding, numerous coats of finish "mud" and a final smooth or textured coat. Prices are calculated by wall area rather than building square footage.

Among the other items to consider are:

-Alternative wall finish such as plaster or wood wainscot
-Areas that may take wallpaper
-Whether or not to finish a garage interior
-Pine or other wood ceilings

75¢ - $1.00 per square foot of wall area
This price includes materials which are between 25¢ - 35¢ per sq. ft. wall area.

The average cost for a 2500-3000 sq. ft. home is $5000 - $6000 of which approximately 30% is materials. If you choose to use drywall on your vaulted ceilings, be sure to add 30-40% to these costs.

A premium paint job will generally involve 3 coats. Because of the great variety of products, and the varied surfaces to which they're applied, prices can vary a great deal. Paint or stain is usually applied to the interior and exterior walls and trim, decks, interior walls, doors and cabinets. Some floors and masonry work will also require sealing.

Among the other items to consider are:

-The weather resistance you require for exterior (log) walls
-Long term maintenance issues
-Color vs. clear coat
-How roof overhangs can protect your walls (and investment)
-Can you do some or all of the painting yourself?

Based on the 2004 National Construction Estimator:
$4.01 per square foot of living area
This price includes materials which comprise roughly 25% of the price

See our Finish Material Section for costs of coatings and paint.

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