Log Homes contain more than just logs!

Persons interested in building a log home often have a difficult time trying to determine what the structure will ultimately cost especially when dealing with quotes on a "shell" or log only packages. Every log home manufacturer produces and packages differently... some include more items, some less. This open-endness and mystery of what it will actually take to finish most log home packages often results in their going over budget. We take a realistic approach to helping you achieve your dream by taking your entire budget into consideration while planning your project. This cost conscious approach, combined with the ability to provide a major portion of the building components (and therefore the costs) enables your home to come in right on target.

What is normally priced by Aspen Log Homes:

1. Log package with shell erection. 2. Dry-in bid. 3. Finish bid, based upon amenity level chosen by customer. What is priced, is on the cost breakdown sheet as a line item. If it is not on the cost break-down sheet, it has not been priced! (as shown below).Roads, landscaping, permits, plans, are not normally part of the cost break-down we furnish to the bank, unless you ask us to make it a part of our bid.


An important concept to understand about our building system is its versatility. We believe that options are vital. Therefore, we make available many building methods and products so you can tailor the package to suit your needs, both structurally and aesthetically. We also provide specific information as to how those choices will affect the budget.

When we are asked to quote on a log home, we examine the structure and it's budget in great detail. The objective is to yield to you as much information as possible at the planning stage. To accomplish this, we create a rough floor plan that fits your functional requirements. We then determine the building materials needed, and what portion we can supply. A custom quote is produced that includes a floor plan idea, package cost, and construction estimate. This process is done at no charge. The result is a "no mystery, no surprises" log home package that includes a real construction budget. It is a very effective approach, and unique to Aspen Log Homes.