Types of Handcrafted Log Homes

There are many types of handcrafted log homes and just as many ways to build them. From dead standing, to air dried, from full-scribed, to chinker style. The price of these packages can vary from $25 a sq ft to well above the $50 a sq ft range. The type and style will determine the cost. Because there are so many ways to build these custom homes, we can eliminate the confusion by explaining all of the different styles and types without the hype and sales promotion you will get from most handcrafted log home companies. By educating you the buyer, on the differences of each of these styles we can help you determine which type fits your lifestyle and budget.

Why Aspen Log Homes

  1. Aspen Log Homes has it’s own superb craftsman who travel to the building site to construct your log home. We bring most of the sub-contractors also. In this way we can maintain the quality and time frames needed to finish the home. By bringing in our own craftsman, we can build with higher quality, and lower costs to the homeowner.
  2. Our finish carpenters are of the highest quality and will build to the exacting specifications of your architect.
  3. We are licensed contractors, fully insured and bonded, as are the sub-contractors we will bring to the site.

We have names of Architects that are skilled in designing log homes that we can recommend. We can manage your build from start to finish including the landscaping. If you want a worry free build and realistic costs, then contact us and when things get serious we will give you as many references as you require.