Insurance for your home is a must. It is up to you to provide your home with the best amount of coverage available. Insuring your Florida log home is especially important. In Florida, your home will be exposed to humid summer weather. It must be protected! A log home will need insurance coverage before, during, and after it has been constructed. Log homes are considered to be a part of a niche market.

When is the best time to start shopping?

The best time to start shopping for coverage for your log home is before you buy and/or start building. You will need to get insurance during the construction of your log home. This is known as course of construction. Presently today, this type of insurance will automatically be converted into a homeowners policy when construction is finished.

Can I find a policy for my Florida log home at any insurance company?

The answer to this question is no according to Not all companies will offer you a policy for your log home. Some major companies that do offer it are State Farm, Farmers, and Metlife. Companies are not necessarily singling you out. It’s mostly because companies are not selling home insurance due to the major increase in natural disasters.

Does a policy for log homes cost more than a normal stick frame home?

This will usually depend on the location you are building at. Your cost will also be added to the appraisal and the risk the location provides.

What type of log home will be covered?

Insurance for log homes from Insurance Quote Deals will cover handcrafted or milled log homes. This is as long as a professional produces the package. If you are planning on chopping down the trees and building your own home, it will be extremely difficult to obtain the insurance. All good to know before you start looking for the best online home insurance quotes.

What is not covered?

When it comes to a log home insurance quote, you need to know what is covered and what isn’t. Keep in mind that these are factors that are NOT covered by your log home coverage. These include nuclear war loss, sewer backup damage, Insect infestation (bees-termites), vermin infestation, rotting of wood, and any damage due to lack of homeowners maintenance.

Where should I start shopping?

You need to start shopping for your Florida log home insurance online. Shopping with them is such a breeze. You will be able to find the companies that will cover your log home along with the best deals on the web. Visit Florida Insurance Quotes here and start searching for the best log home insurance now!  Start receiving your quotes today!